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Lulu Flintridge – 15, child of Milo Flintridge and Claire Sturges. Has lived in Boston with her mother since age 5. 

WEST COAST: The Hollywood Players

Milo Flintridge (director) – 52, Lulu's father, Oscar-winning director. Only child of A.J. Flintridge (nee Abraham J. Fleischman) and Sara Steinhardt. Father was powerful studio head until he was fired in early 1970s. Maternal grandfather was influential agent. 

Francesca Frateli (actress) — 26, Lulu's stepmother (Milo's third wife). An Italian starlet, celebrated in French and Italian cinema, who just made her first big Hollywood action movie.  

Ben Robbins (former studio president) – 49, He built a successful independent production company with his college buddy, Fred Hirshberg. They were brought in to run the studio 15 years ago – with Robbins in lead position.

Dianne Robbins, wife of Ben, and his college sweetheart. They have three teenage children. Lives in Bel Air, weekend home on La Costa Beach.

Connor Ericson (actor) – 22, British actor whose career is skyrocketing, with his  newest movie, "Chessman," opening as a worldwide blockbuster.   

Fred Hirshberg (studio president) – 47, Former junior partner to Robbins, but now head of studio. Lives in Holmby Hills, with a home Malibu. 

Hailey Morgan Hirshberg — 39, Former Playmate of the Year, now Hollywood’s leading dietitian.

Zoe Morgan – 21, Hailey's older daughter, self-possessed and beautiful young actress.

Jasmine "Jazzy" Hirshberg – 17 going on 30. Daughter of Hailey and Fred Hershberg.

Nate Levinson – 47, produces big Hollywood movies as well as four cable and network television programs [Cyd Townsend is vp in his company]

Gwen Hedges – 45, Oscar-winning costume designer. Hollywood tastemaker and Levinson's partner of 20 years. 

Emma Levinson – 18, their daughter, Lulu's cabin-mate on the yacht


Edward “Ted” Welling – 53, Milo's friend since high school. He is screenwriter and skilled script doctor who never wants screen credit. Third-generation Angelino: grandfather was Thaddeus Welling, oilman and real estate oligarch who built Westwood Village; father was Theodore (Theo) Welling, partner in powerful Downtown law firm.

Cesare Rutani – 52, friend of Milo since childhood and son of a wealthy Italian industrialist. He is a former wastrel who now has successful art advisory business,

Ralph Grossman & Evelyn Rothman Grossman – 75 and 73. He has been independent producer for 45 years. Directing for last 4.

Robert Tracey – 32, big star since 21,  

Alexandra "Xan" Tomkins – 28, is a former New York stage actress. She came to Los Angeles to star opposite Tracey and stayed after she married him.  

Harry Lefferts (studio owner) – 69, studio owner for 25 years.

Tessa Lefferts – 31. his newest wife

Art Manning – 75, influential fixer and consigliere in Hollywood.

Tom Steadman – 44, has been running a studio for five years. He was a senior studio executive before. He lives in Brentwood with his wife Sheila Adderman and their  daughter, Fiona. They have a weekend place in Santa Barbara.

Sheila Adderman (producer) – 39, grew up outside Philadelphia. Independent producer for 10 years, worked for a producer before that. Married to Steadman for six years; they have one child, Fiona, age 5.

Jim Reynolds and Candice Tolkin -- current It couple

Brian Thomas – director of Tolkin's new film

Nick Copley – talented actor who built successful movie career on major action francise

Jake Harris – 49, tech/media billionaire.   

Mark Rogers (Miss Bay State) – 24, Harris’s current boyfriend. Met when Harris was in Boston, seeing his then-boyfriend, the captain of the Harvard swim team.

Rick Howard -- hip-hop mega-star

Mike Sorrento -- manager

EAST COAST: The Boston Back Bay

Claire Sturges – 42, First wife of Milo Flintridge, daughter of Trevor and Miranda Thayer Sturges. Raised in Boston, summers in Maine. Dropped out of Wesleyan after she because a big-deal runway and editorial model. Now works as conservator in Fogg Museum

Jane Abbott "Abby" Spencer – Lulu’s best friend


Edgar Thayer Jr. – Lulu's maternal great-grandfather, attaché in U.S. embassy in Paris & London

Lily Winslow Thayer – Lulu's maternal great-grandmother; mother of  the celebrated Thayer sisters, the toast of European and café society more than a half-century ago.

    Miranda "Mimi" Thayer Sturges – middle sister, Lulu's grandmotherwife of  Judge Trevor     Sturges 

     Edith "Daisy" Thayer Phillips – youngest sister, Lulu's great-aunt

     Constance "Connie" Thayer di Prinza – oldest sister, Lulu's great-aunt

Grace Sturges Curtis – 45, Lulu's aunt, older sister of Claire, teaches French and French literature at Bryn Mawr. Married Peter Curtis of Boston, children are Elinor, Dunham and Charlotte

James "Jimmy" Thayer Sturges – 40, Lulu's uncle, younger brother of Claire, investment banker who lives in San Francisco and Sun Valley. children are Buff, Louis and Ned, the best sailor of the cousins.

Julia Appleton Winslow – Great-great-grandmother of Lulu; mother of Lily Winslow Thayer; her older brother, Louis Appleton, was an aviator who died in World War I. Their father, Josiah Appleton, a Gilded Age plutocrat, and mother gave an important collection of American furniture in Louis' name to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

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